How To Extract Rar / Zip Files or File which does not Play as Videos

Pc Users simply right click and extract files to get video files or download 7zip software to extract files.. very easy process in your laptop or computer.

For mobile users download any app the app I will suggest will work for any Zip and Rar file so,

Search RAR named app on Playstore and download it it will extract any file for you. Also you can download any file manage like ES File Explorer or Files by Google to locate and watch your video file.

Here is Screenshot for that App you need to download to extract any Zip or Rar Files downloaded from our site or anywhere.

Why we add some files in Zip or Rar, because sometimes we got reports on mour files and it get deleted so reuploading in zip file so the google server cannot scan file easily and remove our video file.

Watch This Youtube Video For More Details.